England cricket needs a complete cleansing > Giles Clarke - OUT. Ashley Giles - OUT. Downton - OUT. Broad & Cook OUT as captains.
So I'm glad I just woke up from this nightmare where England collapsed in a couple of sessions. #Ashes
England in all sorts of strife against Holland in the #WorldT20 http://t.co/Atji41grVz
English cricket in crisis after T20 defeat to Netherlands. An @aggerscricket & Boycott Emergency summit is needed
Woke up to check the cricket score... #woops
Just woke up to see the cricket score wow back to bed #ashes #backtobed
woke up and thought I'd see what's happening with the cricket, why did I bother... #Ashes #shit
Woke up, first ball I saw Ballance is out. Good one #Ashes
@ECB_cricket for the first time this winter, woke up to find England are doing well. England Ladies that is. Well played @Heatherknight55
Woke up thinking England couldn't possibly be doing any worse than the previous 2 days, how wrong I was! #ashes #pathetic
Just woke up, embarrassing to see the England score. Shocking when @StuartBroad8 is our 2nd highest scorer in the innings #Ashes
Woke up to hear England has gone to new depths #storm2014 #Ashes
Just woke up... Have to psyche myself up to check the cricket score ...
Woke up to YET another horrendous display by the 'apparent' English cricket team. Just Block Johnson & attack everyone else @SkyCricket
Woke up to see England have had a massive floppy in the cricket again....
That England batting card made me gip when I woke up this morning #ashes
Tonight I'm carrying out a ceremonial burning of a pair of clogs to signify the end of English #cricket #EngvsHolland @bbctms @Aggerscricket
Holland beating England at Cricket is like this guy winning the body building competition! http://t.co/AYQwzP78K2
I don't know why I bothered looking up the cricket score as soon as I woke up #demolishedasusual #disgrace
The #Ashes may be over BUT England just lost to The Netherlands. Yes. In cricket. So here we are again. GOOD MORNING ENGLAND!!!
time until next ashes