Still can't believe the England cricket team weren't even batting when I went to bed at 1.30am and were all out by the time I woke up.
Woke up, looked at the miserable cricket score, looked at the miserable weather, went back to bed.
My god. Just woke up to see the cricket score! Put sky gold on quickly! #bringthemhome
Woke up thinking England couldn't possibly be doing any worse than the previous 2 days, how wrong I was! #ashes #pathetic
Wish i hadn't woke up and stuck the cricket on, same old shit.
Woke up in a good mood but haven't looked at cricket score yet.
Well....After dog woke me up & I saw the score, the voyeur in me was forced to get up & watch this complete debacle... #Ashes #carcrashtv
@bezz100 Did you go to sleep? I woke up to hear Stokes is batting & was hoping it was just a nightmare - it was! WTF! :-( #Ashes
Just switched over to the cricket.. IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE?? #Ashes
NEW: The triple bypass English cricket needs Comments welcome if not too taxing at this late hour.
Just woke up from a nightmare. Seen the cricket. Can't wait to get back to it #Ashes
Couldn't stay up past 1am. Woke up after tea & see 4 wicket for 8 runs in two overs. Or am I having a nightmare? #ashes #bbccricket @bbctms
Woke up to see the diabolical mess that is the England cricket team, when did we get so bad!!!!!
Woke up and thought I would just watch cricket. 36-5. Won't bother then #Ashes #clueless
England cricket needs a complete cleansing > Giles Clarke - OUT. Ashley Giles - OUT. Downton - OUT. Broad & Cook OUT as captains.
Woke up to another English batting collapse, that's also the 9th time I have said that this series... #Ashes
@jeffgreen007: England beaten by Holland in the cricket. Ha ha. Good one. April fool's right? #T20
Woke up. Checked the score on ECB app. "Oh good on them - 166 runs for no wickets", I thought. Oh. #Ashes #whitewash
Again this is what I wake up to! Give me a break! #Ashes #ashesdisaster
Woke up. Checked Twitter for cricket score. Thought Twitter was stuck on tweets 24 hrs ago at Aus 91-4! Then the truth dawned...
The #Ashes may be over BUT England just lost to The Netherlands. Yes. In cricket. So here we are again. GOOD MORNING ENGLAND!!!
time until next ashes